Clipsal Wiser C-Bus lighting control

Home Automation

Imagine a home that turns lights off automatically when not in use... (ENERGY EFFICIENT), Has away and holiday modes giving that lived in look while you're away...(SECURITY) It's all a reality with a C-Bus home automation system and it's not just for new homes either; Clipsal's C-Bus Wireless technology allows existing homes to enjoy the benefits of home automation too with minimal re-wiring.


C-Bus C-Touch Colour

The C-Bus Colour Touch Screen is a wall mounted, touch sensitive input device designed for easier recognition of functions and system navigation. The unit also includes a real time clock for automatic scheduling of events based on the time of day, week, month or year.

 touch screen

Dynamic Labelling Technology

Since its inception, one of the biggest issues with using switches as part of an automation system is remembering what each switch controls. Clipsal's Dynamic Labelling Technology™ has been incorporated in C-Bus Ulti Saturn and Neo™ wall switches allowing C-Bus installers to electronically label switches according to the requirements of the user.


Smart Switches

As intelligent as they are stylish, Clipsal C-Bus automation technology allows these units to go beyond your average light switch, to become a fully programmable control unit that will bring a "Class act" to your home.

 c-bus switch

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