CCTV & Security

Here at Quantum we have advanced closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras for your home, so now you can deter and video would be criminals from entering your property, this will ensure maximum protection for your valuable home contents and family members from strangers, so you will be able to leave your home with a full sense of security.

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 24hr 7days a week scheduled or motion recording to hard drive
 Remote viewing via your iPhones/ Androids, Television and Internet
 Fast and efficient date and time search to view video recordings
 Backup & Export through external storage device (USB) or network connection
 Quality infra-red cameras, to view & record in total darkness


 Cost to setup only equates to a fraction of the price of valuables being protected
 Safeguard your family from intruders

 Prevent theft of your valuable home and business contents

 Experience a sense of security while your away from home

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New Zealand Police have found that your property is 90% less likely to be burgled, if there is obvious security in place.

Wouldn't you want this for your home!!!


CCTV the best way to deter would be burglars, with our quality images you can actually see who has entered your property and be able to use the footage to prosecute if necessary.

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We Install quality alarms to new and existing homes, and have the knowledge and know-how to complete your install to the highest standards, We also now have access to completely wireless alarm systems that need only a power supply to the panel so even the most tricky homes can have an alarm.

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