Frequently asked questions

Q. What is Home Automation/ Smart wiring/ Integration?
A. For some it may be something as simple as running some extra cables to future proof your home or to automate and give scene control to a few lights, for others home security may be the main application which can be connected to lighting etc so upon arming the alarm would turn off lights etc and include smoke detection units linked to turn on egress lighting as required.

Or you may choose to install Audio/ Hi Def video to multiple rooms with cover art for your music andDVD's displayed along with an easy to use navigator for total home control on any TV in the home which could also connect to lighting etc so at the touch of a button the DVD could start, also setting the mood with lights to set levels and to close blinds etc.

The possibilities with home automation are virtually endless with the amount of integration that can be done... (the linking of systems together, say the alarm to the lighting or the TV remote to lighting/blinds and the likes), ask us today about a custom built system for your future investment.

Q.Can I have one simple Remote or use my iPhone, iPad or Android to control my home?
A.Yes we have the technology to install an easy to use remote that will bring up an onscreen navagation display either on the TV, the remote itself or and iPhone/iPad or Android to control your entire home including the lighting, alarm, air-con and heating even your music or your collection of DVD files all with cover art on any TV in the home with a few simple to follow clicks.

This system will also control your total TV viewing experience by having one remote that when you change to sky for instance it changes itself to a sky remote "WOW", No more wondering what to do or getting lost in multiple pages that other touch screen type remotes offer. Our systems can also be linked to iPhone, iPad's even Android's for total home control.

Q. Can I change my mind and include some options at a later date. Or make changes to the system?
A. YES a smart wired home is flexible so you can include options later of linking systems together provided the cabling has been done correctly. There are also many retrofit type units wired and wireless that can cater for these scenarios too.

With a smart wired home you can at any stage make changes to the way the home is set up with programming changes to lighting if required, so as your needs change e.g you may later decide to have a master off button at the bedside or change some lighting scene levels you can by a simple program change.

Q. What is Energy Management?                
A. "Energy management" is a term that has a number of meanings, but is mainly relates to monitoring and saving energy in business and in homes. This can be done by having a smart wired house and use of occupancy sensors, timers and the like added to the lighting etc.

Dimmed lights throughout to a lower level or by replacing to LED lighting, (in most cases no actual notice of actual light level change), this will also increase your lamp life i.e 2000 hr to a whopping 30-50000 hrs with LED technology at 1/4 the cost to run. Also moving to the transfer of energy in the commercial sector where the cold side of the building could be heated by a ducted system from the warm side and as the sun moves through the day this changes to suit, also closing of louvres, blinds and the likes.