Our Guarantee

At Quantum Electrical and Home Automation we are proud to be backed by Scott Johnson, Master Electrician and member of the Electrical Contractors Association NZ. Using a registered Master Electrician means you can relax knowing your electrician is adhering to a strict code of conduct and ethics, ensuring that you will get treated with Skill, Care and Diligence through the entire process of our electrical services.

The quality of our staff, providers and processes means you will get consistent service; We comply with the guarantee scheme offered by ECANZ. In the likely event of a problem relating to the quality of workmanship or safety, Quantum will guarantee the issue will be resolved or we will give you a free Apple TV unit and a bottle of wine to go with it. 

Apple Tv


"Twice as long and twice as much" needn't apply to all home electrical work. From the initial meeting Quantum ensures no important points aren't overlooked. Our team will on larger automated installs video your new homes pre-wire stage to ensure the organisation of electrical cables, plumbing and exterior modifications. This will also offer the ability to locating services down the track.

Our mission is to be New Zealand's most recommended electrical and home automation company. We pride ourselves on having 93% of our client base from referrals- This is the best compliment we could hope for. Action speaks louder than words.

Our over-riding rule of engagement is our worksite is your home. In practice this means our employees work to the 'rules of the game', which ensure your home and its occupants are treated with the respect they deserve.

Following completion , we will hold an ongoing maintenance file for your renovation and will contact you in the future when scheduled maintenance is due whether it be an annual job or every five years to ensure the electrical service provided stays in top condition. This will be unique to each job and dependent on the products used.

Scott Johnson


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