Home Automation

Imagine a home that when you arrived home your pathway and garden lighting would ramp up slowly to a set scene, you press the remote to open the garage door which also disarms the alarm, you park and as you enter your home you're greeted with a 'WELCOME HOME" scene... interior lights ramped to set levels it also opens the louvre and blinds, at the press of a button on the remote or smart device your tv comes on to your favorite channel.

As you relax into the evening you decide to change to the "RELAX SCENE" where once again your lights adjust slowly also closing the blinds if required. These are just some of the features you can have with a Quantum automated home.  


matapouri plan +   automation board =    lifestyle c4 hand

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Clipsal Wiser C-Bus lighting control

Clipsal C-Bus lighting has lead the pathway to automation from lighting, scene control, away mode and scheduling with architecturally designed switches and sensors to enhance your lifestyle.

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New home builds

Our main purpose and mission is to WOW you from the outset with firstly listening then planning with you to complete your new home build to a standard your friends will be inspired by also adding value to your home.

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