Control 4

What if your remote controlled more than just your home theatre?

What if you could use it to dim the lights, lock the doors, turn up the heat, and arm the alarm? 

What if you could do all these things from any room in your house-or anywhere in the world?

Imagine living in a home that obeys your every command... where virtually every device can be remotely controlled, and virtually every system can be fully automated.

Introducing Control4, a smart automation

What if you could control...everything?

A solution for homes and businesses.

Control4® makes it easy for you to intelligently control every aspect of your home-from TVs to thermostats, doorlocks to drapes-no matter where you are, using one simple-to-use interface. Control4 solutions make your life more comfortable, more efficient, and more secure.

Best of all, Control4 gives you the power to customize your home-and live your life-in ways you've never dreamed. The only question is…

What do you want to control?

The brains

It all starts with a controller, the central hub of every Control4 system.

A controller gives you the power to control and automate virtually any home function, including your home theater, music, lighting, temperature, security system, appliances and more.

Sleek designs make them easy to place behind a TV or mount in a rack, and each model allows you to build anything from a basic home theatre system to a whole-home automation solution. Additionally, controllers offer features such as media storage, audio streaming and seamless integration of your favorite consumer electronic devices.

NEW Faster Control4® controllers,  EA-1, EA-3, EA-5 (OUT NOW 2016)

The controller is the brain of your smart home. It manages your home automation system, allowing the electronic devices in your home to work together-from lighting and security, to music and video, and pretty much anything else in between. No matter the size of your home, whether you're automating a single room or a sprawling mansion, Control4 controllers are capable of powering your entire home automation system.

Perfect for control from your TV or for one-room systems.

     NEW 260 Remote 

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