C-Bus Automated Home

Murdoch Rd

"We set about rebuilding our 19 century Villa and wanted a mix of both old and modern style. Our plans called for a number of halogen lights inside and outside the house. The kitchen and outdoor entertaining area alone has approximately 60 halogens all of which were to be dimmed.

We understood that there would be many light switches and dimmers because; at the time we did not know about smart wiring. Scott from Quantum explained to us the benefits of a smart wired house and suggested the Clipsal C-Bus wiring system. The result was significant reduction in switches and dimmers and far more flexibility to our lighting plan. All in all a stylish solution to what was an ugly problem.

We have used Scott and the team from Quantum on a number of other projects because we value their contribution to the building process and the quality of their work."

Michael Moore

Mike Moore